Jimbaran Beach

Rows of beautiful class international beach at the island to become a tourist destination that will leave unforgettable memories for anyone who visit it. One of the most beautiful and has a famous name in foreign countries is Bali’s Jimbaran Beach. The beach is located in Badung regency. If you drive from Denpasar direction you will take about 30 minutes and around 10 minutes if you drive from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. But when in Bali becomes very relative because of the congestion that often occurs at every intersection junction, so you also have to take into account the possibility. Jimbaran Beach location is also one way with many other tourist locations eg. Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua.

Jimbaran beach is also very close to the Kedongan beach the majority of communities fishermen fishing. In addition to be sold to markets around Jimbaran, the fishermen would also be very happy if you want to buy fresh fish catch them. In addition to fresh from the sea, the price is relatively cheap because the first hand of the hands of fishermen. Starting from the hustle of buying and selling fresh fish in what would become the fish auction, the residents around an initiative to build a restaurant on the waterfront.

Bali Jimbaran beach is also very famous for its white sand and gentle. Cleanliness at Jimbaran Beach is always maintained well because every day there are special cleaners that keep this beach. For business occupancy, you do not have to worry. There are many hotels and resorts scattered along Jimbaran Beach. Call it one of the only hotel that is quite famous Four Season Jimbaran choosing as its strongest branches. Of course there are many other hotels which vary tariff inhabit coastal Jimbaran Beach, staying you adjust it with the contents of your bag. From here also you can see the Ngura Rai International Airport in Bali is. As is generally a beach, a beautiful afternoon panorama is also a typical dish of Jimbaran.

With rows of his hotel classy, Jimbaran in the afternoon like a little party to celebrate the death of the sun. When sunset that you will encounter many tourists both local and foreign are huddled occupy Jimbaran Beach. Spacious parking area available and you are comfortable enough to bring the vehicle or coming from the area around Jimbaran Beach. For yourself, have been waiting rows of chairs and tables ready in the host. Many restaurants that provide outdoor room shores of Jimbaran during the evening ahead. Surely it would be very special if eating a meal with a beautiful sunset background with those of your loved ones.

Speaking of eating a meal, Jimbaran is seafood expert. As has been said above that many fishermen who offer their catch along Jimbaran Beach, of course, you can get a delicious imagine the typical Jimbaran seafood.

Recently captured still fresh cooked for you with special seasoning to order. Surely all would be tempted to come to Jimbaran. Like a small paradise in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Bali. The seafood here include lobster, calamari squid or scallops or crab is served complete with plecing vegetables, rice and coconut ice. Still think twice to come to Jimbaran Beach? Certainly not. It is sufficient to enter the Jimbaran Beach area for your next travel.